Operations Engineer

Telecommute · New York, United States


About Harvest

Harvest is an independent software company that makes tools to help businesses run more smoothly. For the past 13 years, our customers have relied on our products as a critical part of their day-to-day operations. They’re the reason we’re still in business, and their needs drive our product decisions.

Harvest started as a team of 3 and grew slowly to today’s current total of 55 lovely faces. Though we have an office in NYC, we hire the right people for the job no matter where they call home. We’ve worked as a remote team since the beginning, and we work hard to make sure everyone feels included and heard. When we come to work, we bring our full selves because that contributes to both the vibrancy and richness of our team. So if you want to work here, you should be actively excited about working with a group of people who strive to be inclusive.

One more thing, and this is a big deal: if you are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in tech (and society generally), please know that we welcome your application with open and enthusiastically-waving arms. We want to meet you!

Ops at Harvest

The Harvest Operations Team (currently six people) has the task of keeping all of our applications running smoothly. We have wide-ranging responsibilities, and a lot of leeway to have fun in the process. On our team we prefer to self-select which projects we work on, choosing what interests you the most.

The DevOps (Operations Engineer) Role

The Ops Team does the following things (and more):

We are looking to expand our team to increase our project work capacity and continue pushing Harvest forward. A large focus of our current work is getting into Google Cloud. Our newest team member will be involved in the conceptualization, production, and migration to Google Cloud.

The Ops Team also has a weekly on-call rotation. We ask team members to be on-call for 7 days, and then offer a day off of work to relax and rejuvenate. With the addition of this new hire, on-call weeks would happen every five weeks.


Who You Are

If you know the following stuff, you likely have a skill set that would be a welcome addition to our team:

More specifically, you should have:

While we are a flexible work environment, we are looking for candidates who are able to work hours with a minimum 3-hour overlap to Central Standard Time.

When You Apply

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