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Hi, I’m Patrick,

Until a few weeks ago, I was the HR lead at Harvest. We did some shuffling around and now I’m the director of Business and Communications. We haven’t hired anyone to take over my HR duties, so I guess I’m still doing that role as well. I hope that’s where you come in.

I started at Harvest as a developer way back in 2010. There were just 8 people and we’ve grown slowly since then – adding a handful or two of people each year. It felt like manageable growth, but before we knew it, our team had grown to 50+ people and we hadn’t really thought about what that means for the way we work.

We decided to change that and we officially added the HR Lead role in July of 2016 – when Harvest was already 10 years old. Before that, HR duties were one of those things that got spread around amongst a number of people. It wasn’t always clear who was responsible for a particular thing and something, inevitably, slipped through the cracks. Our hope was this new role would prevent those things from happening.

Doing the HR job for the past year has made a couple of things very clear to me:

  1. There is a backlog of HR-type work to do that I haven’t even begun to touch.
  2. We need an experienced professional doing this job, not a former developer with good intentions.

None of that is to say that things are bad here – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our team is full of super smart, interesting, motivated, and thoughtful people who stick around (70% of Harvesters have been here longer than 3 years). Harvest the business is self-funded, profitable, and growing – qualities which enable us to treat our team well with benefits and policies that support our team’s life both at work and outside of it.

But we could be better! We’d like to do more to build a diverse and inclusive team. We’d like to be teaching our leads how to be better managers and working to identify and train people who show an inkling for that. We’d like to be better at sharing feedback with each other and, more importantly, making sure we’re improving ourselves by acting on that feedback. We’d like to help people grow in their roles and learn things that excite them – whether that’s for their life here or outside. The list goes on…

If those sound like challenges that excite you, I’d love to talk to you and I hope you’ll apply.

Thanks for reading,

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